Software Advisors and Litigation Experts

Do you need a high-level software expert to make the difference? Take advantage of Expertyze's network of experts for software litigation (patent infringements, intellectual property, arbitration), project audit, project recovery, and IT governance.

We Offer An International Network of Experts

Expertyze is the only international network entirely composed of world-class software experts from the highest levels of technology excellence, including innovators, entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors. With a problem-solving, hands-on approach, Expertyze will help you determine what strategy is best for your organization and will match you with the expert that is right for your needs.


We Serve Law Firms & Private Organizations

If you are a law firm, a software expert witness works with you to analyze and understand the most challenging technical aspects during the preparation and procedural phases of a litigation case. For business organizations, our experts will analyze your IT system, project or policies for validation through an audit. They can also provide timely solutions for projects on the brink of failure and post-mortem analyses to draw lessons for the benefit of future projects.